Software Development

Ajiti Technologies - Software Development Company in India, has a long experience in development of custom solutions. We stand out againsts a background of numerous companies providing outsourcing software development services in India.

We understand that different businesses have different needs and requirements therefore special solutions might be required to fulfill these requirements. Our custom software development services are aimed to fulfill these requirements of our clients. We try to improvise our custom software development services to create custom solutions that can best suit the changing requirements of our clients.

At Ajiti, we follow a flexible, proven methodology to ensure our deliverables perform to specification and meet client expectations. We have a history of efficiently client servicing and handling problems of varied complexities. Our team of business analysts and developers work closely with the client with an aim to deliver advance and innovative solutions.

Essential phases of the software development process include:

● Market Evaluation
● Gathering required information for finding the best possible business solution
● Critical requirement analysis
● Plan designing for achieving the target solution
● Development of Implementation plan
● Quality Assurance and Quality Testing
● Execution of the software at desired platform
● Maintenance and error handling

Our custom software Development include:

● Java Programming
● UNIX/Linux software development
● Embedded software development
● Database design & consulting
● Application re-engineering.
● Execution of the software at desired platform.
● Maintenance and error handling

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