Quality Policy

Ajiti's commitment to quality has been since our foundation. The quality focus and assurance program ensures development and implementation of effective quality management practices and standards. These standards and practices are not static but they get continuously evolved through monitoring, training, and analysis.

We at Ajiti Technologies define quality with customer satisfaction. All our practices and procedures are designed and implemented keeping the end consumer in mind. Our measure of quality is the degree to which we are able to deliver as per the customer's requirements.

We believe in the fact that quality pay in the end, so most of our businesses are repeat business with 68% repeat business and larger proportion of our business is through positive word of mouth from our

Continuous Improvement

At Ajiti, we understand that quality is a continuous process and therefore we have adopted the following continuous quality improvement model:-

Learning → Planning → Action → Review

The product delivery team and the operations team continuously uses set of statistical tools to understand subsystems and uncover problems or improvement opportunities with the aim on maintaining quality in the future and not merely controlling a process. The first step is to identify the process that requires improvement, and then a team of experienced professionals is constituted to actively research and document each step of that process. Then comes the planning phase where improvements and expectations are set and the means to measure them are established. The action stage is marked by implementation aiming at improving efficiency and responsiveness which involves setting of goals, education, and the measurement of results.